Mainstream the streams may flow in different direction

The streams are many and usually all the stream have their beauty and uniqueness  but joining the mainstream or aligning with it is usually considered essential.
sometimes the mainstream tries to kill other streams or want that other stream loses their identity and fully immersed in them.
but sometimes it may be that the mainstream may be defective and the mainstream needs to learn and adapt many things from other streams.
the human ,their culture,their values,their ethics has much in common,it is only the matter of raising and understanding the commonalities or only raising the divergent views ,so as to depict that these ends can hardly meet and the conflict between mainstream and other stream goes on perennially .
the streams may flow in different directions ,but eventually streams merge in the sea,that is to say that no stream either mainstream or else is stagnant and the elements of streams are changing but the stream changes its course or not or get colored /polluted by the recklessness of some element is a matter of question.
some of the streams may die,as its source of water and course/route of flow is damaged and sometime newer stream may emerge due to floating of newer ideas ,passion and by some natural events etc.
the beauty lies in it,that all streams jointly built up a common mainstream and there is no mainstream and all streams are mainstream  and total cohesion is there for development and peace.
sometimes there is hardly any difference between mainstream and other streams but it is in the human nature particularly when work less with low education to create /carve out different stream from the mainstream on the pretext of slight imaginary differences.
the mainstream of all human is same but as humanity is divided by many factors of geography,history etc,and the different streams want to capture more and always fear others intentions or want their dominance ,it hampers integration.
further the units of humanity divided by geography,history etc does not want to share their prosperity and does not like that another unit strengthen and challenge their dominating position ,as if all streams start boiling and wants that other boat sinks ,so that their flag fly high.
the internet and recent means of communication has made the globe a village and may lead to integration of all streams eventually,as as the knowledge is available/accessible by all ,a common ethos could emerge    and as the sharing increases the diversity decreases and integration grows up ,now a common man can access what is happening in any part of globe and feel surprised by the fact  that there is so much commonalities and understand the follies of differences created by crooks. 

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