Many sentences/expressions are floating.

The fracas looming on horizon,
a moment,any moment,
it can descend,
many sentences are flying/floating,
many expressions are flying/floating,
some of them caught attention,
some of them hurt,
some of them hurt deeply,
understood properly or not,
the base ground mired,
the base ground volatile,
shifting with the flow of air,
shifting with the flow of water,
the response flawed,
further complicating things/matter,
hurting self,
making the inner self,
a war ground,
where wounds inflicted on self,
not visible on body initially,
may appear later on,
learning to redirect the matter,
not caring for barking animal,
the perfection is illusive,
the perfection not achievable,
the strength is to be gained,
the choices are different,
the world of one lays on,
just many/few co-incidences,
it is just a incident,
desired or undesired,
directed or in directed,
meant or not meant,
the stray incidents,
are to be handled,
in a way,
that the very basic,
remains with one,
and isolation from,
all front,
does not descend on one.

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