The flame of lamp

A closed compound,

unaware of the blowing storm,


the roaring of clouds,

the lightening of clouds,

all dancing outside,

a small hillock,

on the high range of mountain,

have a abode of deity,

have a abode of idol,

the sanctum sanatorium,

the flame of lamp inside,

being impacted by the,

damp and mist coming in,

the twisting light of,

muddy  lamp,

falling on the deity,

presenting different meaning,

the expression changing,

the meaning mysterious,

the solace of being with immortal,

trying to immerse in its expressions,

as if saying clearly,

saying nothing,

the interpretation are yours,

you cant confine me,

in your narrow lane,

the nearer one is,

yet the distance uncover able,

one is unit of,

temporary single consciousness,

with freedom to choose,

to be miserable or else,

with nothing sticking,

just a flame of lamp,

burn till lamp oil last,

there after goes where,

no one knows,

the lamp lighted again,

with putting wisp and oil,

the flame are similar,

the earlier one gone into oblivion,

with no traces left,

the present is only there,

no past-no future,

its the simple continuity,

the manifestation of majesty,

the flames has nothing to own,

but to shine,

the outer chaos seems settled,

the flame brightened,

and the drowsing   apparent,

the fairy of sleep,

patting slowly,

to ship into his care,

leaving all aside,

the perfect/wholesome sleep,

the wholesome waking up.

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