Light create Shadow.

its the light ,when it flash  on some tangible thing the shadow is caused,and if the tangible thing is large enough,then it becomes darkness for ordinary human,termed as night.
the darkness is human is shadow of some past real or imaginary events ,the fear etc,when the light of hope and perpetuity  cease to pierce ones mind ,and the darkness shrouds every where.
the shadow reveals many mysteries,and provides the relief from scorching troubles,but it need not last long,ultimately it is the light /the reality that have to be lived and performed.
the human mind has immense capacity of storing the shadows of past,perceived future etc and if the retrieval system is defective ,it leads to waywardness and losing the calm.
the darkness is not the reality,its the light /energy that is eternal and the reality,without the energy/light nothing can exist anywhere,
the impact of many things cast its shadow on human ,and human has been in the search of lasting /stable light ,that it can have all command to regulate it effectively to the satisfaction of one.
the human has the basic nature of believing that one solely is the true representative of the universal powers and rest should understand it,but no one is taking it that seriously.
some objects are transparent and some are translucence ,they are really more transparent and they store nothing and neither add or delete much and passes the same to other to reveal it.
its the novelty of human effort and imagination that it has filled the shadow with colorful lights,which are more relaxing,
the action creates the reaction/its memory and the long analysis,so its true that without light no shadow can be imagined or casted the duality is the nature in general,but the human life need not have dual aspects,its the confusion and lack of submerging peacefully in light and shadow that cast restlessness.
the light are in continous flow,it appear stationary to one,but it is not so,it is flowing,but the shadows are constant,they are not flowing and it is the human mind that makes the shadow flowing in self and others to cause impact,generally not clear to one itself, 

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