Moral Authority.

there are innumerable type pf authorizes in the world,every body has some authority to exercise,at the same time ,the most powerful authority is also subjected to some higher or invisible authority.
the human exercise their authority over self ,family,friend,co-worker etc,but sometimes the most power ful\authority  feels insecure and resort to various means of arrogance to evade the haunting lack of legal and judicious authority.
through out the history of humanity the leaders had gained the authority by wicked methods and resorted to dubious means to maintain it.
the authority which flows from the heart and the vision with determination and with the intent to attain larger benefit for its subject,which may reflect and the result would be around in ones life time,rather then promising divine benefits in next life is the need of hour.
one need for self peace with self,that has become the biggest bane of modern times,the stress is all around and nobody appears to be ready to stick at the right path,despite of its adverse short term impact,one indulge in vicious cycle of action and counter action and resorting to various other means of intoxication,to be peace with self,one needs the confidence about ones values,authority and destiny.
it is famously said that all sins are done to fill the void,the void in self is creation of self and lack of the moral authority.the  ultimate fate is known but the quality time passed in ones life time that matters the most.
the larger peace may appear a distant dream,for which the authorities are more inclined,but the authority over self to be in peace and tranquility is of more importance.
the middle path is much taught as rescue to the world truth and necessities,that  does not allow to behave in totally holistic way,but what moral could be in it,its better to be rather realistic,then finding various excuses to gain the moral authority.
the moral authority may lie in pursuing the path,which one conceive/perceive as to be the right course of action in a given/particular time.
the majority of person has their grouses and be correctly so,but that does not allow one to follow the path ,which may ultimately compound the miseries .
one with moral authority gets the power to face the world at open and willing heart and actions,and may allow the peaceful continuous exercise of authority.

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