fear may be absence of love.

the ups and downs are the part of life and sometimes things turns nasty,where the solution appear bit difficult.
the fear developed in child since childhood may be larger extent could be attributed to the absence of live in the child earlier age,and the insensitive and abusive environment may had contributed to develop the tendency to be prone to the fear.
one usually fear for many things,one fear the most for self satisfactory existence with assertiveness it could be the result of lack of faith in oneself,the love to self ,i love myself in all forms is not engraved in the mind.
when one is surrounded by loving friends,family,colleagues etc the fear may not haunt much,its the loneliness and the lack of love with fellow being that haunts one.
one need to be passionate about whatsoever little one had in life,one need to have the love for the nature,the ones surrounding,one should not always indulge in feeling sorry about the un-likened state by comparing with others .
one have many sort of beleifs about ones ability,but that all need not be true,one feel ones worth too high,but it may not be so,in open societies there are many means available to show ones worth.
the fear itself is a improper word,when much in the world is transitory ,and all are ultimately destined to same fate ,than the fear is not the word of much relevance.
the support/the moral support counts a lot for humans and one who gets it ,faces challenges and difficulties with ease.
one need to learn to love oneself totally and try to moderate to become self more lovable,next one should be passionate about ones surrounding,the love may be there all pervasive ,but nobody has taken lead to express it,to say pleasing words to other does not hit ones pride.
the fear is imaginary,all are prone to accident and nobody is immune to it,its the mental tendency to become indulge in it ,as it lacks other nice avenues.
the enlightened society offer the opportunity to all its members for better being,but the law less state tend to promote fear among its citizen to perpetuate their rule.

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