Personality make over

One attribute one under performance and sadness to his personality,and many course on improving the personality are in vogue ,are attended ,these program try to understand polishing an individual presentation to the world,by enhancing grooming ,styling,etiquette,conversation skills ,socialization skills decision making skills,public speaking,body language,voice modulation etc.
personality-the unique psychological qualities of an individual that influence a variety of characteristics ,behaviour pattern[both overt and covert]across different situation over time.
these psychological qualities are manifested as ‘personality traits’that are defined as enduring pattern of perceiving,relating to,and thinking about environment and one self
the personality is basically what one thinks of oneself and its impact/perception on targeted group of people ,who matters to could be consistent thoughts,belief and perception in ones mindin our mind,if a man has a tendency to fall in self pity after pondering about the happening of instant or distant past ,the inclination will always search a excuse and again and again indulge in it .
the personality may not be entirely static,over time and with experiences much may change,but the basic tendencies are changed or merely lost their intensity,that’s a question mark.
some personality traits may relate to genes and others to life experiences and learning,core traits may be more resistence to change,contrdictory personality traits may exists in one-while outside will try to exert/assert and back home the theme may be reverse by heart.
specific personality traits may be related to illness of mind and body and there can be personality disorders.
can personality be made over-former introvert becoming extrovert,risk taker becoming risk aware,emotionally unexpressive people becomin emotionally intimate later life .the core of personality may not  change one can eliminate mal -adaptive  personality traits and inculcate new one.
more so the changes later on depends on many factors,the more and better exposure,challenges healthy one faced in life,but if one later on even live in an environment in which his old traits allow survival then one may not visualize the change and there would be no striving for it,ultimately one has to try hard by understanding the need of circumstance and make suitable oneself to it.,the aging may have impact on some or some trauma etc may also have the impact,the more important is the better friends company and healthy professional life and enabling environment,which may lead to development of human.

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