the fragile human roots.

one does not arrive on the earth to preserve its roots,like tree’s has roots and it is the base on which it grows/survive/flourish etc,it takes much of its supplement from its roots.
whereas human does not have any attached roots,and from the initial surrounding it learn the basic language to express.
the human has organised system of scientific learning ,which laid the roots in human to innovate,excel and contribute to the well being of all.
the artificial roots are usually made to attach with the human in the garb of culture and beliefs prevailing long,
the human roots could be defined in the term of earlier scientific knowledge available ,and on these roots one need to grow ,the human is to grow in human ,that’s the basic call of its existence on earth.
each human being is a unique arrival on this earth,with all inherent potential,the scientific era has provided human a platform to grow logically and to not grow,as in primitive age on the chains of past revered sentiments /age old beliefs .
in the earlier era the human was made to suffer/pay for old customs by promising returns or compelling him to adhere it ,as these customs adherence is essential for his survival.
the human roots are more illusive and lies in the vast corners of the universe,therefore he has to reach to all corners of universe to trace its roots.
it is the lack of scientific quality education ,with a common human heritage,which is not bound in the boundaries.
the humanity is divided by crooks by claiming different roots for different segment of society,or the rulers to strengthened their rules has evolved such imaginary roots.
the human root may lie in the peace[inner and outer]tranquility,but the vested interest as if never wanted that ordinary human traces his own roots and not bow before them or abide by them.
like trees human will perish without water,air,sunlight and other nutrients,due to it one may cherish good health.
the human has to stick or influenced by many chains of family,organisation,nation,the old revealing civilization,and the time span of life is limited ,thereby human adopt something as its roots,so as to close the debating aspects.
and more so some humans are turning totally rootless ,and want to enjoy the pleasure of heaven,to keep on flying and no trace of change of climate tolerable to them,no bar of age ,gender etc.
the ever changing roots,earlier change was slow,now the roots can change between day and night,morning and evening,no traces are left,the matter gone ,rest all gone simultaneously.

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