Thorn stick deep

The thorn is real one,
which stick in the,
soul of one,
and despite much efforts,
it could not be ousted,
every thing may be forget ed ,
but the pain/suffering of the,
real beloved one,
cant be forget ted,
all tears and joy,
will go to oblivion,
the purpose of my existence,
if been evident could,
contribute to my peddling,
from where one emerge,
no known way to go,
the purpose unknown,
what could be created,
what could be destroyed,
everything was available here,
the shapes goes on changing,
everything has existed there,
just some step emerged,
in the comfort zone,
yet all primitive aspiration alive,
the universe expanding,
the stars galaxies running away,
the distances increasing,
as if no one,
wish to come close,
all are scared of others,
the distance may increase,
that far that,
no shadow of other,
disturb one,
the unlimited many,
have its limit,
some where,some how,
the end may not be there,
where there is no time,
yet the existence there,
would be miraculous.

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