Average man Enlightenment

The gains/the score of life -how they could be measured,the measurement of ones control over self seems appropriate yardstick,Man tend to exercise control over all other living and non living things and even of visible or non visible thing and many other things ,which only tend to exists only in perception,the gains are real when one start to understand oneself and able to exercise necessary restraint at desired time ,so as to stably float in ones own sphere.
some derive extreme pleasure in roaming in lush green surroundings in rainy seasons ,despite that night becomes a boredom ,whereas others are just happy in their four walls and night is not a boredom.the contrast is generally visible in all natyral things ,it is said that more a person wanders ,question and is called skewed,the more genius and have more searching/finding capacity ,but a quiet person well contended in four wall may also be able to contribute much,because it is just accident ,that is the basic cause of various searches in humanity and it hardly need to emphasize that tranquility is the biggest contributor to human development.
no durable cures lies with preachers and other unscientific therapies ,it is only self analysis and self awareness and the ability to exercise self restraint that could help some what.
the ability to hold ones cherished dreams at night and during drowsiness and going in sleep alongwith them can be a healing pattern ,and the succor of four walls is much precious.
what human is destined/purported to achieve  in life is a big question ,the life unfold at its own theme/pace and to recognize the impact of multiple forces on human life events need to be understood.
the all uneasiness need to be swallowed ,a distance need to be created with going events.
what one has gained after adding years to the age,generally nothing and yet pursuing the instinct of /since youth.
the yelling ,the crying,the endless crawing,Man has the basic hunger of power ,self worth and if it satisfied him,the impact of it may prove sometime sufficient to lead the life more satisfactorily and meaningful ,if one has fully immersed in it.
some saint may lead life satisfactorily /meaningful without power and much self worth,but the ORDINARY HUMAN need to explore the meaning of life and attain the satisfaction of leading good life,with exercising self restraint.
the life is a mystery and there are innumerable life on the earth ,but one can feel the pain of self and can only perceive the pain of other .the satisfaction of other is not transferable .
as the age grows ,most person apart from wealthy etc need some sort of ENLIGHTENMENT which need not necessarily be divine one,or the enlightenment equals to that achieved by great man ,it is too simply to be at calm with self.
there is immense scope to study the ways and means and means to remove all imponderables factors that cast their shadow over the satisfaction f human well being and the natural enlightenment .

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