The crash was imminent

The crash was imminent,
i was sleeping tired,
the consequences pondered,
no way out appeared,
some thing is to decay,
for many thing’s to bloom,
what blooms is part of nature,
what drowned is part of nature,
the nature appears to have,
hardly any individual consideration,
one try to possess nature,
one boast of owning vast tracks,
the vast wealth,
the natural requirement are same,
be it king or else,
the duality is the nature of nature,
the good and the bad exists,
the hope and despair exists,
the end and beginning exists,
all has some rationale,
indulgence is more prevalent,
opposite to it arrive,
too late,too hardly,
the state of calm, 
the beacon of life,
the life short as bubble,
the moment of despair pass,
the great anxieties end,
the phobia is flamed,
not allowed to die,
the process has its time frame,
beyond the imagination,
its the society/law,
that hold the jungle.

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