The Springs For Good Governance

in the recent time’s,there has been reports of arising spring in various parts of world,some has attributed it to the desire of democracy,or in favour of open and liberal societies ,and /or for the removal of oppressive ruler.
the springs has a mixed fate ,some where turned into ugly civil war,yet the real cause of springs and the satisfaction of such upheavals not /least visible in their societies
the politician are inept/clever in taking the advantage of spring by becoming their champions /leader without understanding or sympathizing with the cause  of spring grabs the power and no changes are introduced,just benefiting from the spring and dousing the feeling of masses by varios tools-dividing societies,promoting old customs,the human get tired and forget fast and the feeling of helplessness gains and the situation turns to worse sometimes.
the basic reason behind the spring appear that the newer technology ,mainly mobile ,net etc has made world connected and the younger generations has become demanding .
the actual hero of the spring spread the fire through media ,but they fails to take it up on the streets by leading it,many section of societies join the spring for different cause,as if making it difficult to understand the real single/selected cause.
the alternative arising after successful spring turn out to be worse,the need arise to unite all section of society and to introduced structural changes ,which need a strong government,the world is reeling under slow growth and crisis,and the economy of underdeveloped world is under tremendous pressure -as if the real value/jewels are in the hand of few,rest are at the mercy/strong ties with them.
the change process is least populistic and nobody hardly digest its rationale,the slow decline or slow growth ,both add to the frustration,the decisive path is hard to perceive and implement.
basically the rationale of spring is for the good governance ,the transparency of facts ,the real debate about the situation of nation,the real debate about to choose the path ahead,the government which sympathies with the cause of ordinary man and wants to hit at the root cause of social and economic development. 
the alternative that emerge after spring sometime lack vision and popular support,they just got power due to lack of alternatives,
it needs to ponder that after a spring ,first a poll be conducted to determine the basic issues that ails country and to fix the priorities and policies of newer government,so as to say ,to approve the newer constitution sort of thing,which provide the governing guidelines.
to stop the springs the juggernauts of other countries are taking precaution -by radicalizing the politics,raising the fear of imaginary enemies,quoting the history to justify their rule and downgrade newer values,the human ingenuity is so vast to invent such causes and create divide and fear etc to prop-up themselves.
the spring of the universal humanity for the protection of basic needs and right of all ordinary citizen will happen ,when the world may become really globalized.

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