intelligence and intellect

the knowledge is exploding with the advent for newer technology,the education system has improved/benefited from such transmission,yet the knowledge and intelligence may differ at some extreme,one has all the knowledge,yet the intelligence provide the capacity to analyse it ,and to choose the suitable one.
the intelligence provide the ability to get the conclusion or to get the main point out of host of information,but the true knowledge,the knowledge which is correctly grasped and the intelligence does not have much to differ.
the intellect is the real force ,its the ones ability to apply the particular knowledge/intelligence at right place to gain the maximum with least resistance.
the intellect is the ability of alertness in all situation and respond according to the need ,even by modifying the knowledge which suits the purpose at particular occasion,its more so like the common sense ,where no debate about theories,precedents,and jargon ,its the ability to arrive at the solution that suits best in the given circumstances.
the reliance on knowledge and intelligence on practical occasion cause huge debate and may lead to indecision and impractical/theoretical inferences ,the intellect is much beyond dithering  and understanding the all aspects about the particular situation ,understanding all concepts,its implication and to elect the path of least friction and to convince the people and save the particular situation.
the knowledge and intelligence can be gained from books,net,it can be acquired with devotion but the intellect is natural instinct,a natural born leader,yet much of the intellect could be acquired by experiences,yet largely its the wisdom and the clear concept of one ,that let manifest ones intellect.
the intellectual class debate less,they understand the situations,its limitation and futility of various impractical concept propounded by X,Y,Z,they don’t intend to debate for the sake of debate or for showing the depth of their knowledge and by that mean becoming indulge in acrimonious situation.
the acceptability of knowledge varies and change fast,one is adamant at his gained knowledge and ready for any debate sacrifice for its sanctity,the society will call him intelligent ,as he has maintained a huge library and quote from the big man saying during his ordinary conversation,so as to impress the audience and derive self satisfaction,but such inflexible approagh and not seeing the realities of the present era,the changes that has taken place,as if unable to decide to wheter to accept the changes and see the knowledge in new light or just ignore all and stick to his knowledge.
its apparent that being knowledgeable/intelligent is good but its the intellect of the person/leader etc that counts more in saving the situation and introducing the changes in the changed environment,to accept the change and let the knowledge be modified accordingly. 

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