The sou motto conclusion drawn are doubtful

The human regardless of his stature has the habit of drawing conclusion and forming firm opinion about events ,other persons etc ,which is normally based upon wishful thinking.
As the name suggest that the wishful thinking is hardly predictable /understandable,the wishes which has no meaning,no rationale and one even dont understand it ,and merely dance on impulses,vague suggestions and baseless notions and by drawing damaging interpretation,inferences.
sometimes/many times we do’nt understand what really is bothering us,why the spirits down and the useless thoughts flows in every direction and starts linking things wildly with present happenings or past memories or future projections.
these things cause trouble,impact balancing,at times man want to take credit of real or perceived things ,at the other moment becomes apprehensive of its impact and vision.
man tend to draw conclusion which pleases him and enhance perceived confidence/satisfaction,the thing which give solace now becomes/starts troubling next moment ,and the search for excuse and reshape conclusions -the process goes n without much real success,satisfaction.
the human consider the self experience and rely on his skills/perfections in reading and understanding others ,which depicts the hollowness of individuals as its too easy to draw conclusion which may be hardly conclusive.
the complete picture is not known to one and the tendency to reach on early conclusions is not healthy and helpful,the tendency to understand self more and most intelligent being,and having pre conceived notion about all matters does not help,the world is fast changing and the matters always have some pecularities,the circumstances are not the same,the change is part of life ,so is the case of thought/notion etc,thwey always keep on changing /modifying and vary on the different occasion,to lose temper after concluding at the whims of the moment,to become agitate don issues surfacing again is not desirable ,to judge a person is always may be incomplete task and further there could be various parameters of judgement and on some parameters ,one may score high ,therefore it is a subjective issue which need to be decided without bias.
we ourself fails to decide/conclude ones own potential/capacity ,the barriers are too many in ones own self and due to which one fail to grow and explore/enjoy /perform to the fullest level.
the suo motto attributing/identifying the cause of ones failure /setback is also difficult to catch /identify and blame.,it is generally that one proceed to play the blaming game ,whether the matter relates to self,others or anybody else.
the decision needs to be taken based on their merits and analysis of strength and weakness ,the reference taken,the assistence taken to weigh the matters must not be based on precedents and blindfolded .
the desire to grow,the desire to innovate,the approach to problem solving require that one remains updated about the newer development and a chance be given to newer approach and the alternative be explored ,the haste does not  solve anything ,it only complicate the matter ,the aspects are many and the single conclusion is not valid everywhere.
the conclusion/decision made arbitrarily ,has led to blunders in history ,and history turns worse when a ruler due to his notions/thoughts and conclusion about matters turn the boat in whirlpool. 
one who is in power and biased about some issues,the consultant modify their opinion to suit to power ful one to gain the privileges,which allows to take te events turn in direction,to rectify it becomes more or less too troublesome.
the organization culture is changing ,earlier the whole decision making process was centered in promoters and decision based on perception/prejudices impacts the future of organization ,now the systen reformed ,the management has become broad based and professional and even the feedback from consumer  ,employee is given adequate weight in deciding the matter.

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