facts and/as fiction

if the fiction has been the facts ,the heaven could be replicated on the earth and the meaning of WORD problem has been non-existent.
the reduction of gap between facts and fiction has been the effort of mankind since inception band many scholars has provided/invented guidelines ,on following the same it was guaranteed that that the fiction will come alive.but there always remained the gap in following the guidelines properly hence the result was not that was desired.
facts in some rare  cases may become as pleasant/equivalent to fiction,yet some jerk of practical life /factual life are bound to be there ,so even in this case ,the facts cannot be as friction less as fiction.
the facts may sometimes be so amazing that they could be competing to the fiction world,in such a case a large number may doubt about the authenticity of facts.
in many cases ,the facts may be ignored /not accepted for long period of time,as the prevalent belief,and customs had had dictated the thought process and compelled willingly to ignore anything contrary despite of its merit.
it appears that sometimes the facts also need push to establish themselves,the many parts lives on/cherish on unreliable customs,age old patterns ,the deliberate attempt need to be made by the establishment in that part by promoting universal education and pushing modern development in those parts.
the evolution of human has been grdual and been trouble prone ,as the human civilization matures ,the belief modifies and the change in earlier facts needs to be accepted.,as many earlier belief prove redundant ,but the human psychology provides resistence to accept the newer reality.
further the human need sometimes to immerse into fiction ,so that one can get relief from hard realities or to get relief from tension ,for this end human has designed new tools ,and in the modern times ,the innumerable such means are available-books,film,internet,amusement parks /malls and a host of means are there ,where one can indulge in fiction to forget hard realities and to get fresh/restore energy to face them.
the fictions are part of human biology/psychology ,as the man in dreams wander in any direction of fiction ,which the fiction can themselves not create it.
the facts and fictions are having differences but sometimes not too significant ,and its the human perception about the real facts and if ones attitude is positive ,one may consider such facts as positive like  fiction ,whereas the ther person may view the same facts as too harsh and no where near to ideal circumstances.
the human ability to enjoy and imagine fiction has led to the development of humanity,/society ,as man imagined to fly and it had been the real reason behind all sort of invention.
the epic which inspire the human lot ,from where human draw lot of imagination has been full of facts and fiction ,and the same aspects which were considered fiction ,later turned out as facts or really possible things.
the human imagination can go any distance ,even as far as where the sun cant reach ,but the humans has also live in the real world and living in unreal world always can cause trouble ,a balance need to be struck.
the facts and fiction may sometime or usually has the same wavelength ,but its the human nature and psychology which create hell out of reality /imagination bu its extrapolating /intrapolating the matters creates things ,which could neither be termed as facts nor the fiction.
the lessons could be drawn from from either facts or fiction ,there is always some scope from learning from anything and something good can be discovered from anything,its the turn of event that which now appears fiction may turn factual later on and which are considered factual today may turn into doubtful later.
the distinction may be imaginary ,a slender line is there which bifurcate them,but both has much in common and supplement to each other.and appears that one should not bother for else.
in the world the facts are the biggest fiction ,the human existence,the solar system,the universe ,the day and night,the four seasons,the greying of human etc are mysterious and hard to get to its root and it is like fiction which need to be enjoyed and nothing much bother for rest.

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