Moments Captured Vivid

the moments are present,
the life has its time frame,
one has to go through,
the assortment of moment,
some sail through,
some trudge through,
the imprints are there,
the finer one are to remain vivid,
the embers are to be doused,
the rubble to buried,
too deep ,so that,
it never surface again.,
it never puzzle again,
the journey has to be traversed,
but it may not be so,
the ball is rolling,
the destiny is destined,
one will reach there,
tried or not tried,
the question only valid,
what left behind,
for the fellow colleagues,
much has beenĀ invented,
to capture the moments live,
when the gap rises,
the imprints fades,
become obscure,
these captured moments,
could be replayed,
one has to start again,
visualizing as being vivid.

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