The hollowness

it seems to be strong,
it seems to be wonderful,
one had the conviction,
that it represent the anchor,
one fine morning,
just few shocks,
as usual were present,
it collapsed like,
the structure of cards,
no  sign of imminent collapse,
no abnormal event present,
it seems that,
its strength was illusion,
the hollowness was deep,
rooted in its,
very basic foundation,
the strength that ,
appeared from outside,
but inside,
the rot was there,
which was spreading,
rising day by day,
taking away,the whatever,
strength it had ever had,
the belief was not there,
the joy was missing,
in the activities of day,
the deep hollowness lays inside,
where to move,
the direction to chose,
the view was blurred,
the colors lost vividness,
the activities blurted,
the collapse give way to,
the deep jolt makes,
one to look out of slumbers,
leave concerns for obstacles,
the ride is smooth,
the deterrent gone,
the float becomes free,
the weigh is gone,
the freedom restored,
the hollowness filled by,
natural joy,
the breeze goes on,
making marry rounds,
the missing element.

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