Promoters promotes nothing more than self interest

Every body has some self interest ,but some has exaggerated sense of it ,promoter tries to promote something out of their compulsion of needs or due to passion ,or with the desire to expand the pie for larger good.
The promoter promotes utilizing the source of society ,which may include human capital,financial capital,material resources,natural resources etc thereby the success and failure of the promoter impacts the health of the society.
the margin is kept for meeting the depreciation cost,employee cost and other cost of innovation /competition and the residual is left for promoter ,who may give shares to share the wealth to larger cause .
in the developing countries ,the legal and ethical system is very weak and the greed and corruption and the society values add to the desire to amass wealth for self by any means and invest/share the same in many unproductive means with the aim to ensure security of self and posterity ,the wealth is transferred illegally to other safer heavens and the money which is colored black is converted in properties/gold and other assets with the mere aim to ensure satisfaction of ones greed /power at the detterent of larger society.
the cultural values of developing countries impacts,it sometime happens that entire class of government officer/politician /ruling class etc all indulge in promoting the self interest and everybody is turned into promoter of self/family/posterity.
the innovater pursue his passion and the aim is not merely promotion ,but the promoter initially has sole aim of promotion and later the improvement in services with the aim to withstand competition.
the animal spirit is said to be much cause human endeavor and it is said to have led to much of the economic growth ,its not always logic and plan,more so in turbulent times and the initial stages of development,the economy needs business,services,agriculture,industry to expand ,so that promotion of larger interest of society can take place ,but when the concept turn to hoarding and not development of resources in most productive manner than only self interest is promoted.
the free competition not allowed,the enforcement of law is weak and only hoarding wealth becomes aim ,then the nation turn sick.
the strength of national currency reflects the strength of fair promotion and free play of all players ,the destitute/the destiny/the misery is added by the inefficient institutions.
the promotion of genuine self interest or to say that if self interest are promoted by fair means,then it is perfectly legal and no qualms could be about that,generally all/most human strive to promote self interest ,and the one who claim otherwise also have some part of implicit/indirect/inherent self interest ,every competition /effort which is free and fair with dye means is healthy for growth.
it is misery that many of the humans are not sincere and are not able to understand correctly the self interest therefore the promotion do not take place,further many of the humans give their all sort of interest in the hand of many salvation baba floating here and there and believe that their self interest could be protected enhanced by them.
many things are promoted incidentally and when all starts promoting self interest then a combine interest is protected ./promoted ,but in lessor developed parts the awareness is low ,many are ignorant about their rights and the system is so corrupt /inefficient and anarchic ,that they stop expecting anything and no promotion seems feasible and only sycophancy/cringing and becoming the better part of corrupt system gains growth.
interest are interesting things,to identify the self interest is not easy as well as not always correct ,where the ones self interest lies ,to identify it is a difficult task and what one consider to be ones self interest is not in his true interest but all are free to identify and pursue self interest.


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