One unit of consciousness in world

The each individual is just one unit of consciousness in the world,the collective consciousness cant be defined,yet one individual unit of consciousness creates so much internal and external whirlpool then what could be the fate of collective units of consciousness.
the tiny one unit of conscious in some isolated/historic cases has risen so high that their lasting impact and reverence is accepted without doubts.
what could be point of provenance and what could be the point of confluence of the units of consciousness ,
the individual stories are built ,but the units of consciousness are more comfortable and progressed,when they worked collectively with a common ethics/law.
the consciousness is scattered in innumerable elements ,their ability of consciousness may vary and the elements which are having best part of consciousness might be human but the level of consciousness among themselves also varies.
when a human consider the prevailing consciousness around one as complete /absolute and never rises above it ,then it could be termed as passive consciousness ,further when the individual remain mostly occupied in past and future and is hardly present in present,then also the normal consciousness is also blurred.
the individual human is only one point of consciousness in the universe ,but manytimes some humans have tried to burnish their consciousness by explorating the full limit and further tried to establish pure link with other conscious elements ,so as to perceive/realize/visualize the larger consciousness.
a small drop of pigment can color the whole tub of water and change the very basic characteristic ,which was there earlier ,in the way the individual insignificant element of consciousness impact wider ,
the conscious elements has the power of communication and have some basic and elevated needs ,for which a need arise to explore ones very consciousness for survival.
the larger question arise sometime ,how the individual insignificant elements of consciousness are linked to each/other and what could be the complete consciousness or there is no juggernaut which combine all consciousness at some higher level.
its only the sparkles that shines and than loses their existence ,the new sparkles have no incarnation of earlier sparkles,no much to carry any burden,its only the unit of consciousness needs cohesion and co-existence ,so that each insignificant element of consciousness can bloom.
the stakes for insignificant element of consciousness cant be high ,when further even that consciousness is granted for very limited time,as if a BUBBLE then without carrying any sort of burden and without much concerned for concern,one can enjoy the moment of consciousness to the fullest,
some human strive too hard to gain the access to larger consciousness ,and adopt different spiritual and other means,and work so hard that they hardly find time to sleep,they are always awakened and on foot,but the other aspect of deep and long sleep ,which may help to explore self and ones consciousness ,which may hold to know the key to understand something about the very basic consciousness.
it may be the corporate concept/the company concept/the going concern concept ,where shareholder,director may go ,but newer shareholder/management may be introduced to maintain its continuity,and the excellence of present one is helpful to future one and the excellence of past one is helpful to present one.
the spark that sparkles once never again occur,the newer one is always there to replace it and to maintain its continuity ,no sorrow,no grief no targets ,its just passion to pursue which help ones consciousness and directly and indirectly helps other elements of consciousness.

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