The Least Predictable Aspects

The nature of human and his responses to a particular situation is hardly predictable and hardly constant. Such subtle issues instantly changes the views or expressions of human which is beyond anybody’s prediction or guess.

The facts may be same or even better, yet the human reaction can turn worse to the utter surprise of other. There are innumerable factors causing the distortion.

The basic aspect is the ones view about the humanity or world and it largely depends upon conscious and unconscious experiences that one had in the life. Further it is hardly possible to identify constant factors that shapes the overall human view about positivity or negativity, as some humans on single failure may turn to negativity and others even in extreme circumstances may remain positive. 
Some human are in haste to encash all, enjoy it immediately, eat it immediately. And soon he turns upset from it, getting too eager and than getting distracted from it soon is a trait that add more to the unpredictability.

Some humans are conscious and remain well aware about the consequences of their reactions and some are pro active in giving reaction or responses, whereas a better approach could be to not give undue reaction in each and every matter, which hardly concerns one and that too mockingly, which causes the other person taking it in negative or strange view without being so intended intentionally.
The unpredictability of human reaction is strange, as if human is a political animal and its deeds and uttering are guided by self interest and other mischievous elements, with complex calculation, as if human are devoid of simplicity and hardly speaks what appears to be  correct and true. 

The human are too susceptible to hearsay, how human perceive and form the opinion. It is the media, the friend circle and the tendency of individual that one is easily swayed by some inputs and hardly consider it rationally, making it most unpredictable.

The mood swing, the biological chemical balance also add to the unpredictability. Further the growing aloofness and rootlessness of the new global society may be adding to the aspects which makes prediction more uncertain.

Many times the past pattern provides not much indications of the future pattern. As in the case of institutional mechanism there could be some consistency or regulations, the individual in wilderness is mostly devoid of any anchors and sailing in whirlpool of time and internal turbulence’s, where the way out is to remain busy in any damn thing, the company of self to self does not appear to be of much help and much becomes unpredictable. 

The creating of constructive hobby and pursuing it despite all odds may help one to get rid of self unpredictability. The basic approach, the basic routine, the basic liking, the basic hobbies, the basic efforts despite all the odds, whatsoever might be the circumstances need to be maintained. No event or moment should be allowed to enlarge beyond its mild structure. The impact, the unpredictability adds as one is more prone to shocks, events and less practical in the real life. 
The life appears to be a practical play in the day to day affairs, it is only in some deep sacred corners of heart that where some wasp shines out of some sacred element in the podium of sacred self or in the creation of sacred self, some astonishing colors fills the world.
The perseverance of self and the self control in any eventuality can lead to more predictability for self to sustain the various shocks and remain hassle free in any eventuality.

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