The Impact


The impact is denied,
but the impact is there,
one claims a lot,
one boasts of a lot,
yet at dusk,
one yearn for own abode.

What clings to one,
causes various imagination,
yet the authority absolute,
lies hardly in the hand of none.

The impact are visible,
the impact are invisible,
they surface immediate,
they keep mum for long,
the measurements are difficult,
immediately or later-on,
added by co-incidents.

The wounds are small or large,
the wounds are subtle or harsh,
the time heals much,
but lessons are drawn,
but the lessons are not drawn,
the memory of scars evaporates.

As if ready for,

receiving fresh wounds,
the events has its impact,
the impact is natural,
the events occurs,
on their own.

One add their occurrence,
one cause their occurrence,
its may be upon one,
to aggravate the impact,
to take or carry the impact,
to cling with the impact,
unless one recognize it,
the impact can’t have its impact.

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