Real Miracles Finding Hard To Compete With..

The science in the recent century has made some significant discoveries which is no less than a real miracle, yet the age old miracles that had been written in some scriptures and their glory which has been passed by one generation to another is still more dominant in many parts of world.

The real concepts have earlier been based only on visualization or the blind belief that was surrounding to such beliefs, today many subjective things have also proved their relevance and significance to improving the standards of the societies.

The mysteries are abound, but these are exploited by some to convince the masses about the real miracles. The mysteries exploited by them are just sentimental in nature with no real significance. As the talk is about life and death, the question that is relevant is the real existence and the imaginary consideration of life before being born and thereafter has no much meaning. It’s more important to understand how to play the role and live in the real world in which the inclusiveness is there for all.

The individual, group, society, nation, disgruntled people have evolved their dreams based on their cherished magics. But the requirement is to live in the present world  and to understand the evolutionary peaks of human being. Sometimes the real miracles are used to better the life and relieve the anxieties, tension and stress. 

The man has learnt so much on the technology front, yet has not been able to counter the very basis of suspicion and not able to believe the others intention and a sense of fear always prevails and the concept of healthy competition has not been set in. The real miracle has happened in this sphere also.

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