Surviving in the organisation often the art of communication matters a…

One need to be perfect in the art of communication to be successful.  Unless you are some isolated pocket of excellence, communication matters for the rest of the organisation.

Generally it is seen that the point of view of your superior and his feelings only matters . The employee also need to feel as if he is on the receiving end and whether his feelings or emotions matters or not is a debatable issue. Hence to survive one needs to become immune to anything said by his superiors and never take a chance that one has communicated earlier,or by merely sending a detailed note/analysis the superior is going to get the point and feel proud of the ones performance,on the other hand the reverse is waiting for the one in the majority of cases,it alone hardly just matters that one has performed well,written well,but the satisfaction of the ego of the superior that only matters,one may feel,what is necessity to have regular liaison when one is working well,leaving apart the online work,it is very significant to have regular personal interaction and the quality of the work hardly matters.
the communication that matters,not necessarily always the qualitative and pointed communication,but the communication that makes the superior feels pleasant-that matters,further one need to mastered the art of communication to make many friends in an organisation,one need to have a group,who rightly take stance with the right instinct, and at same time communicate other friends back praise to the superior,thereby enhancing the credit ability of one in the eyes of the one which only sees the future and all the issues of the organisations.
the communication apart from understanding the real issue should also need to understand the style and the substance of the superior way of working and liking so as to make him satisfied so that the tension level of the sub ordinate does not rises and the feeling of dis satisfaction arises less.
the wiser management theories have their relevance in building vision plan and at annual general meeting,quarterly review meeting etc but in practical day to day working its relevance decreases and the cause of the prime suffering of the employee.
the awaken state at all the time is important because one may feel the the superior understand one and his nature may be living in the fools paradise,as the circumstances of superior at his social interaction space apart from offices is not known to other ,further the self concern becomes so dominant that all other issues so easily wane from the mind of superior.

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