Work ethics and work culture

Its the one of the guiding factor that decides the fate of the country,the nations which has made the management studies and the professionalization in the work-i.e , in their corporate sector,government sector has reached to that somewhat real development stage that the modern society yearn for.
The nation where the work culture has not taken shape in the new form and still it draws much of the inspiration of age old traditional concept or it could be said that the countries where the ethics,culture of business has not adapted to the changing time and even today it tends to work in the way that society ‘s norm of old age still pre-dominantly dominate in that manner like that ,those countries yet lack the real change that is required to break the shackles of past,which has captured the roots and the shape of that society in that particular manner today,a small part of that society has got the modern education ,yet they even when assigned task in that particular country are forced and willing to forget the newer lessons and succumb to that age old practices.
In some pars of world,the mentality and the endorsed norm to foresee to prevent  the next seven generation by assorting the wealth /and the generations maintaining the name of the family and becoming something  sacrosanct about that family ,and the all action of that family menbers terns beyond questioning destroys the groth further where the performance of public employee in a nation is not judged by the excellence as enshrined in present management books/theories propounded and yet the adherence/loyalty to ruling class/lobbies/the mediator and the one who represent the tradition face of the ideal models ,hardly able to break the past trends and unable to catch/join the new wave of growth and development and to develop the order of equity.
a separation of judiciary from executive set-up,the separation of the executive class from being /owning personal loyalty to particular families/business houses.
unless the work culture in public and private sector improves and adapts to the modern norm of professionalization and where the performance is based on result obtained through ethics based in genuine competitive environment.the corporate sector survival needs to be de linked  to the connection/patronage of the ruling class and the corruption and the skills of bad liaison and the setting/the fixing the thing behind the curtain are scrapped.
the performance of the government department also need to be assessed in the new management norms-the money they have spent on improving the segment of society and what has been the actual benefit of their schemes to the targeted segments that need to be measured in the way like of corporate/management ideology  that how far they had created wealth for their stake holders /benefited the society and the spending of public money is justified and which may lead to cascading chain of growth all around-the businesses in that country,the human index in that country,the real literacy in that country,a new identity and nationalism and the environment of optimism that could be generated which propels the animal spirits and leads to all around development.

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