Old Dilapidated Fort


The musty wall of
old dilapidated fort,
situated on small desolate hillock.

It is the witness to history,
when folk of nearby villages,
revered its occupants,

now some estranged travelers,
visit to smell its predicament,
visit to smell its glorious era.

The fort appears to be proud,
when someone explore,
its craft and art,
the huge podium,
the bulky interiors and exteriors,
the stories of joys and sorrows,
the stories of victories and defeats,
the stories of crooked plots,
the stories of benevolent kings,
the stories of cruel kings,
all lies buried in it.

The travesty is of humanity,
the travesty is of time,
the estranged traveler is there,
visualizing and searching ,
the harmony with the fate ,
of fort and his own,
the desolation of his own life,
resemble the fort life.

Where all aspects lies dilapidated,
and only some memories visits sometime,
to tease the shattered/battered soul,

the pride of fort,
the stillness and tranquility of the fort,
despite its state,
is needed as if,
by the estranged traveler,
to emulate in his life.

And to enjoy despite isolation,
and to enjoy despite neglect,
and to enjoy despite no care,
with the company of,
some flying fox,some wild weeds,
and enjoy the breeze,
and its changing temperature,
and when the cloud burst,
and the cracking electricity from cloud,
some shepherds come ,
to take shelter with flock.

As if it has,
enlivened the fort,
the enjoyment is in the air,
without the concern,
of the past and future.

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