Journey of civilization

The journey of civilization,

from primitive to civilized,
is shrouded in mystery.

The growth in means,

the growth in reach,
the technological evolution,
all adding to the civilization.

Being more civilized,
the primitive/nomadic life,
resembling of animals,
now the humans.

Becoming more sophisticated,

and more nearing to the
notion of the heavens,
being brought on earth.

Yet it seems,

all the primitive instinct,
yet not left,
still prevails in mind.

The doubt,the fear,

of the known/unknown,
pushing to act,
in the manner,
even may not prevail in,
that primitive era.

The faces are more civilized,

the features,languages are
more civilized.

The universities researching,

in scripting civilized ideals,
the school sowing seeds of,
better civilized generation.

The law,the enforcement,

the inclusiveness,
being made more civilized.

Yet the primitive instinct,

are called for the cure,
the animal spirit,
to push the growth,
to destroy much,
so as to build new.

The crooks becoming civilized,
eating the share of masses,
in more civilized manner,
diverting the attention,
from real issues,
in more civilized manner.


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