the rationale thinking /decisionmay be left over to machine….

earlier such a thing was unthinkable,now the machines has turned more smart and the human starts to better understand its limitation now.
the human take decision based on the emotions,but the crux is this that always such emotion are not based on any logic and devoid of consideration of long term implications,further the emotions are provoked by so many irrelevant internal and external forces that to rely on them,to make them important ingredient of decision making left to ruins only.
further it could also be doubted about some defects of machine ,but consider the blunders of history,the misery of humans caused by their believed/perceived intelligence,that many crying sound of human history is evident and submerged in the basic human conscious and the surrounding and ech again and again.
the animal spirit is losing the relevance,now the economy more so depend on technology and the creative imputes and the inclusiveness of all segments,now the smart machine intelligence may prove to have better relevance.
one may be astound to find that in the many parts or major part/sometime every where,as the viruses are prone to spread in all direction that simple logical things are not understood by humans,as if the commonsense is a very un affordable  thing and hard to procure and understand,the simple concept revered are devoid of logic and the basic sense,
the machines be built which may understand the human history and understand the vision of human future with logical sense and can detect the deterent in fast growth of human in science,economy,environment.
it is the storage of knowledge gained ,and the system evolved and effective in some part which has allowed to prevail some sense here and there,and has countered the forces which wants to take humanity to the stone age.
in the global village the cultures need to be submerged,so is the values,disparities and the real search may be started now by the joining of all about the human existence and purpose on earth.
at least after such a huge time of existence,now at least the primitive issues at least need to be settled,
when the global culture is not evolved and individuals are left on their own in the hand of crooks,who props up to fill the vacuum and the basic instinct of human needing direction and relying on some prevalent concepts,the human cant afford to fight on many fronts ,and does not relish the rationale,when its nobody concern,the human wish to avoid misery of lack of self direction/beleif and wants the basic purpose,therefore wants to immerse in the ideological philosophy .
now onwards the earlier driving force of capturing larger part directly or indirectly may start to lose relevance for narrow interest,the technology may itself provide many/all solutions and the humans may like to explore the better experiences scientifically,which were earlier sold by some crooks without rationale with their imaginations,which found buyers,now the real flying of huma on moon,the experiences of human may explode and may get attuned to and even rise above tha continental tastes and pleasure of the primitive age to find more realistic real experiences of the universe.

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