collective unconsciousness

as if there is need for evolving a smart machine which can examine the different opposite concepts prevalent about same thing in different part of world and evaluate appropriateness in the order of merit,or can provide appropriate yardsticks which is available to all.
the age old concepts are prevelent ,but no body questions its rationale and logic in present era ,ywt such concepts are so deep rooted that as if some are not ready to see any logic in others view.
its not that such collective unconsciousness is blammed only to earlier era ,but even today ,there are many issues which have propped-up in modern era and demand immediate action ,but as if nobody is bothered despite understanding its significance,who is to be blammed for such situation,it may be due to the fact that human are ruled by humans and the transient nature of life makes the rulers to behave like ordinary humans ,in which they are more concerned about their individual well being only.
the buck is to be passed,when one will not be there to watch the consequences then why should one worry,as the implication for individual becomes more important.
ones time need to be passed on the terms and condition of ones whims as one has gained prominence due to any factor and later on their are crooks who had perpetuated it for their individual gains.
in many democracies the collective unconsciousness allow the right candidate /the right party to be chosen by the electorates.
there are mans who are able to induce the average man into their trap.
the vision need to be broadened and it requires all /various part of globe /countries to rise above their fears and inertia to awaken their masses and decision makers to act in right direction.
now a days ,it appears that some of the unconsciousness has become so deeply prevalent that no one hardly dares to take on it and in the present era individual action may not yield results as it use to do earlier ,now the things have turned much complicated and no human even after living in jungles for years in search of answers could come out with answers ,which can change the world in justified manner.
the more basic fault appears to lie in the humans very basic nature ,that no one is ready to part with their wealth /resources in welfare of society ,untill a huge return is assured,the individual security gains prominence,whereas the societal security may also be relevant concept,,as if all want to live in their respective unconsciousness ,inequality in any part of world is a danger to better-off parts and the end result may be that either all becomes equally benefited or all become equally deprived in a scale
the evolution of human society has gained momentum recently accelerated ,earlier it has been a very-very slower process ,so the level of consciousness of human in all part of world needs to equalized in a range. .

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