Back pain [pain in mind/shaking personality]

The spirits have somehow become so that they hardly rises,and if rises sometime,its only for a shorter span of time.,the deep rooted pain in mind and the apathy of near and dear and the unconcerned society all add to the pain,which need reflection ,a permanent dwelling and a permanent residence in the back as if leading to never ending back pain.
The personality has not gained the internal strength,although at times the outer personality shows strength,mostly in crisis or other situations.
as if gradually the fight becomes losing one.
the pain in the mind of self evaluation and the low self esteem,the spirits low ,that causes the anxieties and the process of thought ,which may result in exhilaration of ones spirit usually gets the other way. 
The life is a journey and need to enjoy the struggle of journey,yet the mad race,and plotting,cut throat competition ,which in today monetary world is taken personal,one need to rise/grow and no consideration of costs to other ,result in further strain/isolation of soft targets the mind attempts to analyse the causes ,yet sticking to something becomes difficult ,the mind regularly generate foolish temptation ,the mind with no clear path ,determination and without busy constructively.
the small things occupy the mind,if the flow of mind go unchecked there,and once no check exercised or if no such such check developed or are inherent in the personality,the reflection in the back as if becomes regular.
The additives are consumed to give a jump,but it last momentarily ,and when such addiction turns  out ,the thing becomes more worst.
The too much consideration of the results without embarking upon something or becoming deeply concerned with slight obstacle/results/uttering of other ,when all sediments freezes ,the end result as if penetrated in the back.
The more need to be analysed and individual experiences need to be added to get some more clear picture about the struggle to remove such sediments.
Further there is difference in the occurrence   of disease in successful man and unsuccessful man,
a man struggling for basic necessity and a man struggling for higher achievements the symptoms may differ in persons.

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