The beliefs

it appears strange that the vast majority of humans has much fixed and permanent beliefs,which they wish to carry on in next incarnation also.
it appears that the prevailing culture in which human lives shapes the pattern of belief and the cultural aspect impacts the flexibility/modernization
in belief gradually or makes the beliefs close ended.
the beliefs appears to have evolved over centuries and so much ingrained deeply into the generation that some major upheaval  /incarnation may be needed for faster changing the belief or the process may take its own course.
in present times the globe has become village for many and got a huge chance to explore and weigh the beliefs ,yet many due to inertia,and some so engrossed in set pattern that they do not use this opportunity to explore newer frontier.
yet the many are exploring much and shaping beliefs accordingly,but sometime in the explosive era of information many become confused and cant fix new set of belief and earlier one are left,and as if becomes empty tank,where the confusion.misguided adventure causes much of the harm.
no one know which beliefs are true/real ,but some beliefs help huma to live/experience peace,the human has to undergo the phases in life and all humas could not go upto moon and if the belief helps make life pleasant and fulfilling than the worth is beyond doubt.
apart from the beliefs on which the cultural/societal aspect has major impact ,yet there are many beliefs which varies in all individuals and which may be termed as person specific.
the child watches his surrounding and the specific family troubles/environment impacts much,further the friends adds impact much on the values ,the human also differs in their basic personality which also impact their belief system,some humans are too sensitive ,some are hard core by nature,some are confused /undecisive and some are leaders with stronger will power.
human it sometime appears that however needs the shores of belief vto sail the journey.
the traps have increased,and one falls into it,the media,the marketer all sells some false dreams sometime,which may in limits or with the set of condition may be useful,but to meet such standard not easy and always feasible,it change the whole beliefs or the custom of slavery gone ,but much human become slave to various addiction to lose much balance to have a strong set of beliefs.

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