The basic error.

Earlier it was presumed that human life is only platform through which one can transcend into heaven/divinity and that human life is rare it has been accrued after long transformation in hell and getting transmuted through different form and shape of life,but as if human had created such a hell for humanity that all species in hell are sent to Earth for better experiments.
The basic error that is left by the nature so that the humanity may not unveil the last and final secret of the very nature,
despite being same the human existing on any part of world,the differences have been created,the belief lacks and a common code of basic understanding has not been developed and does not appear that it can happen in near future.
The customs varies so hugely in different part of world that one opposite is considered true by other,the human subjectivity is much there,the evolution of a law,which can value all the customs/and decide the wrong or good is far from evolving.
Even sometime there needs to be an ideal,which could be copied by others,such ideal hardly exists in world today,no part of the globe can boost much about its system and all view other has having some better systems.
A common acceptable norms and where the individual aspiration to lead larger populace and derive the power by deciding the fate of humans needs to washed from the wishlist of human,
now with the technology ,the integration may become feasible in distant time.
like a plant,all human evolve through phases and and the well defined accepted nutrient can make the standardization of much things and eliminating to errors.the human needs a capacity that despite wandering at any direction could return to the core when one is with the self.
The well being of humanity is linked,the isolated island may not survive long as we know that viruses from any part of world sooner or later catch up and it either spoils the others party unless the same /near to same development/thinking is there in that /all part of world.
The earth is one,and the all humans are its resident,custodian and equal status and rights,the dividing  of earth,and to protect one part/my part of earth the toxics/damage is done to other part ,which may ultimately impacts all.
It appear that one of the basic error is that humans are human only,but in practicality one finds that most individual considers themselves no lesser than the God,as if each one has been incarnated to shape the world in right direction and his legitimate right is being denied by others.

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