exploration of personal boundaries

some boundaries are static well defined by maps,the exploration of personal boundaries is the task in the pursuit of expansion of self horizon,how far one can fly safely so that landing back may not be of trouble.

the individuals are sometime in some sphere may be constrained by the education obtained,the earlier blocks could be softened by effort,the objective are to be searched and then the exploration could begin,
it may be better to initially tread cautiously ,first the ground need to be tested before ploughing it,the perfect boundary could said to be one,which is well defined,fixed and clearly identifiable .but much in the universe is boundary less and expansion/contraction etc being permanent nature.
the individuals boundaries appears to be limitless ,what ever one gets the more is desired ,the growth of humanity /economy is dependent much on this attribute.
a bird is free to fly in any direction ,yet it cant fly in all the direction as the capacity,time is constraint,further it serve no purpose is served to wander in all direction to attain the perfect place,as same te human also has the time/capacity constraints,he can use his vision in certain direction,yet humans are better equiped to explore as they can form group,built organisation and hire people and use the communication means and analyse the data/things by higher speed through electronic means.
yet many boundaries are personal ,where much help may not be available to human from outside and the volatile such boundaries cause much impact to the well being of human ,the flexible approach may be desirable according to time .
as an organisation is formed with certain set of objectives and the strategies are designed for implementation.For the human to find the objective is difficult task as he starts to gain some understanding after childhood,he finds that all his objectives are already set by society,without seeking his consent,the differentiation between humans is vast,further the human needs to explore much and get knowledge,than match the same to the individuals make up to decide some path.
the biggest challenge before the human becomes sometime to pool self,to prepare self perfectly to work toward exploring the planned/visualised boundaries,as much of the hurdles may be internalby its very creation.
the experience./the failure makes the human understand the things better ,and explore the world and self in better ways.

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