The one daily routinely,
Walk down the lane of day,
to restore the self,
in the calm of darkness of night,
wander in the jungle of memory,
founds to the surprise,
despite no imprints on body,
something has hurt so deeply,
that the sea which was calm,
as if started ebb and flow,
but sometime causes are indicative somehow,
and the analysis goes on,
but sometime the causes too subtle,
as if the very foundation too weak,
or the impact has been captured ,
by someone residing deeply,
in the body of me,
which i has despite wishes,
never been able to tame it,
despite calling,
but the call might have lacked someway,
it appear sometime that,
i represent myself,
but looks sometime that,
someone else in one represent sometime,
the wounds are invisible,
yet the impact profound,
The reel of picture,
here not stop after 2-3 hours,
it goes on every time,
in several multiplexes,
built inside,
something boils in one,
Something soothe the cinders,
That need to be framed,
To be stored in the library of self,
To use it,to seek help from it,
whenever the boiling rises,
and soothing required.

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