Belief in Self

the all that lacks,
where to find,
its elusive,
the belief in self,
may be lacking,
the belief in other,
may be too difficult,
the will lacks,
without the direction,
the self comfort at night,
going it with bed,
should  be protected,
something that let remain,
the dreams colorful,
the picture of day,
the drama of day,
at night,
its the real fantasy,
that charms one,
should come for rescue,
so that the jewels,
embedded in the soul,
when soul goes in its ,
basic home,
the soul come in touch,
with its stillness,
let that freedom be given,
by not putting,
undue burden on it,
the ones part are many,
i is different,
the soul which sometime,
receive messages,
from its source,
hide the message,
or the wayward self,
does not allow to unfold,
the impacts are imported,
from the surrounding,
even created artificially,imaginary,
when the basic colors,
lies in the self,
search the same outside,
even the color,
that appeal ,
are not stored and retrieved,
for rescue,
to add to the colors,
the stored in self,
it could happen,
the scattered parts of self,
could be combined,
in the subtle nursery of self,
the science,the machine,
can come to rescue,
but they are silent,
spectator of human,
misery and laughing on,
all boasted achievements,


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