They ceded some ground,they captured the entire ground

There was a king from the benevolent culture,who ceded to the demand of neighbors to grant some access here and there ,and it turn out later that the tranquility,the peace,the local culture of due or undue tolerance etc got reflected when the king lost the major ground and the invaders captured the entire grounds.
in the sphere of relationship some time it may happen that one with the wish to have a casual contact,that is necessary due to circumstances around,cedes some ground,and if the void is deep at other end or at the both end ,it turns into ceding much ground,which may become difficult to reclaim the that originality
the grounds one cant keep intact,it has to be ceded something and gained newer ground,as some of the foundation ground one held for long may appear shaky the element of change and experiment are the part of human existence /nature..
to cede some grounds to maintain the peace/the calculated play may be necessity of the time sometimes,but one has to remain vigilant after ceding some grounds,
further it is the capacity of other to initially capture some ground and convert it later on in getting major grounds.
sometime some in the bid to lure some promising/experimenting lose some grounds here and there deliberately,because to capture worthwhile extra grounds ,its the life game ,the ground captured sometimes may prove illusory and sometime fulfilling.
the creation of newer market,the creation of newer needs in the name of better and perfect fulfillment of present needs  ,to expand the market,as if the grounds need to expanded by ceding and capturing newer heights.
the ground of self belief and not its shaky existence can provide the life much of its intended meaning

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