The nature’s role in organic world

The nature role in deciding the all events of their activity in animal and the plants life is almost total,no /hardly any flexibility is available to them .
in the natural course the plant grows and flowers as the seasons of nature varies,i .e they flower in spring,turn green in rains etc,further they entirely depends upon the nourishment provided by the nature,the rains,the quality of soils,and the normal/abnormal pattern of the natures conditions.
much to same the wild animal field also are not granted much flexibility by nature,their course of life,their source of entertainment,their activity are limited to their natural instinct ,and entirely dependent upon the vagaries of life.
whereas the humans has given much flexibility to decide its fate,to change the course of its fate,but the biggest shackles has been concept that surrounds one since birth which may not allow one to realise its potential and the vision given to one,
yet the span/duration of life has been stretched by humans by their innovation and the quality of life may have also been being bettered,yet the immortality is far dream,the human child since birth need to be taught about the potential provided to him by giving the life and be made to understand since birth that  that his life journey is to search the course for betterment and to live by the civilised norms,the prevailing older norms or decided realities or fate need not be thrust upon the childrens,that this is ideal course for them ,whether logical or not ,as it can destroy much of the time span of ones life.
the human can enjoy nature and can find the jewels of nature for their beatification ,they can find ways and means to defends nature vagaries and can explore the universe.
despite given so much flexibility to humans by the nature ,the human has been given a roadblock of self mind also ,as if the basic natures -basic vision lies in the mind which not traceable by ordinary one,that the basic element of the nature may not be far away,but may resides in ones own self,the misery and mischief of the nature despite giving much flexibility to human is that the self creates so many real or imaginary devils that one may usually cant rise above them .

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