The natural instinctive game has been made complicated by

The natural instinct for human is recognised by the psychologist and the hierarchy of natural instinct has been devised ,the basic requirement of human are its most natural instinct ,
that very stage and definition may be undergoing much modification today,the market researcers are creating varied needs for human and offering solution at price of money and sometime by demanding to sacrifice the very natural life of one.
the instinct of one depends upon how much one is prone to impulsiveness ,the ones impulsive reaction to the circumstances ,situations ,which might be ones own creation or else.
the natural instinct to repeat upon the mistakes again and again,to avoid such trap one need to explore self more ,the situation more and develop a vision,a theme of self.
in the modern world much of the pain /sufferings are the creation of individual self in his own life by being slave to all instincts which may not be natural but thrust upon one by marketers,who for centuries want that their follower be keep swelling and control the life of ordinary human by their vision.
even it appears that one who may be tending to promote the rationality is being scrutinized more minutely by even the most respected publisher . the game has been made complicated for one,and the find difficult to come out of the trench of natural instinct.
how it could be termed to be natural instinct to be so prone/slave to the deeds,uttering of others and to be so sensitive,impulsive and vulnerable .they force one to fall in trap again and again,

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