Take it easy

The individual personal world is the world that impacts one more and more to one,yet the impact caused by so many innumerable forces,yet all those forces play their game,one must decide to play his own game of comfort and easiness .
the more the ease penetrate in the life of human,his society,fellow colleagues and country ,the much of the troubles,real or imaginary may evaporate quickly.
the solution may not always lies in quicker,faster or bold actions alone,as if one is falling in the trap of persecutor ,the ease and calm can solve much,now the humans have so many buttons in his hand that he need not lose his sleep over some action of mouses,only one need the skill to lay/built the proper trap with ease to quell the nuisance.
the day/the morning has started,so will come the evening,the artificial linkages to goals in various fields-like family,friends,self,job etc and the prime weight age given to be take away the naturality   of other task in hand,all things/many things operates and emerge simultaneously .
no one may the potential to harm one as much as one can harm self,the expectation from some may not mature much ,the speaking lesser and remaining more self oriented is better for one.
the causes and the impact may die the very moment ,when one take its in the true value,no exaggeration ,such things cant help,the goal of realising self satisfaction by individuals can build and strengthened the foundation of whole society,
the speed is vital ,but the cost need to be evaluated more cautiously ,if some pause is there,its not always harmful. 
the accumulation by self,by society,by country can lead to enhancement but the saturation point need to be understood,the payse,the newer orientation need to be thought,the measurement index need to be changed.
why one should allow some few persons who came in touch to us ,to varied reasons allow them to vitiate our self.let them sing their song and we dance on our tune.

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