The real and fantasied real life

What one is ,and what are ones liking,hobbies,concepts,ideals,the cherished real or imaginary memories,that are the valuable assets ,which cant be measured in any monetary terms and these invaluable assets need to be preserved by amid all sort of storms,and the treasure  trove be visited every day,so the alienation with it never occurs.
in the world the interaction with other human being ,the interaction with them directly or indirectly cant be avoided,some human treat them self as lord,and basically a vast majority of people may fall in this or that forms,i think despite so much scientific evolution,no perfect model of human being,his nature,his expressions,body languages etc has been evolved.
The distraction,it appears that average human being/or generally human being are incomplete to such an extent that they view even the calm body language of other fellow colleagues with deep suspect.
the humans tend to become immersed in some sad event to that extent that they start to view the whole world in that mirror,and there dreams ,hobbies and personality become centered to such vision.
The real world has some real or imaginary hardship,which are prone to be there,but the ones self is not to impacted or dictated by these daily events,ones cherished and dream should always be allowed to come to ones rescue and the natural habitat at the night.
The gullible and the fairies fantasies on which the foundation of childhood must be built,should be allowed to have their shadow throughout the life ,and some finer elements need to be added to it.
the man came from unknown fantasied world and may go again in that fantasied world,than why should the little part in between leave that course.  
human at his heart retain the basic character of one in his life,despite all sort of provocation and if it is there what is of the film played outside ,where events and characters changed frequenly.

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