The losing spree

One has to adopt many strategies to survive,and it is not that they are evolved in text book style,but out of compulsion,circumstances and natural instinct ,and in the context of individual life and relationship,the more one is comfortable in losing,the more less grouses he may have about the life. 
a child born with disability with the feuds in the family,with the brothers and sisters ,yet some stability was there ,one decided to continue/concentrate on finer points and evolve and build/encourage to build the standing of the combined so that his own standing is built up ,in the part one may sacrifice much in terms of finance and dis credit.
in office,in share markets ,various moments comes when the losing,and limit the extent of losses is better for financial and psychological health.
the topic of this article may appear odd ,one may gain at many times in tangible and intangible means,yet the critics may always attempt their best to subvert the gain in public eyes as well try their best to de moralize the author/the gainer ,in such circumstances ,to allow fools to live in their paradise,one may accept the losses,the failures which lies where ,no one know,to add to the credit ability in the some/vast right minded mans.
one has to loose much to gain some other finer point,the passion preserved for long,the arrival of grey may make it worthwhile to transfer that passion to the revered list ,its a loss which was necessitated by the time.

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