Group dynamics in organisation

In organisation,in school/college/society /locality everywhere one has to become part of the group ,even friends need to form a group of common friends.

The isolation and loneliness could be warded away by active participation in the group by understanding its dynamics.
the groups could be formal or informal and may not always be homogeneous, in the organisation  fellow colleagues form groups and develops formal /informal friendship to make the work place pleasant ,but here all the members are not equal participants and the core of the group may consist of few members. ,some are part members and some are fringe members.
the group develops its own culture and ethics and the sense of belonging rises among themselves and it give them a forum of conversation ,sharing and source of information.
the all the members of group need not be of  same status ,education and experience ,it is more about like mindedness ,compulsion ,age group ,batch mate and more so inter connected interest.
the forming of group is for attaining minimum security and to get a feeling of self contentment ,the better knitted group may meet at their workplace regularly sharing lunch etc as well as occasionally on various pretext/function. 
one find at least few people with whom one can share all sort of jokes and curse his enemies individually and jointly.
some groups are powerful ,as they have powerful members ,one in organisation wants to join a group because isolation makes survival difficult and inflict boredom than he usually may wish to join a group which suits to his image and the participation could lead to some gains in the form of informations etc and provide forum to express ones grief /troubles and share ones idea.
the groups in which members have their self interest supreme due to deterrent of organisation goal and may want to spread rumors and panic ,need to be watched ,such group may indulge in spreading bad word about the management which may demoralize other staff and create hurdle in organisation goal  and image of organisation may suffer.
as one join new organisation or one who has remained long aloof in organisation due to the feeling that he may not be viewed taking sides ,or due to ones internal weakness that he cant face the group in the culture that is prevalent there and his weak /feeble comments are blown up ,feels more insecure and lacks information .one may join group where its member are learned 
the groups are able to lobby for some issues in the organisation and grab power and make the things move in their planned direction.
the group which has intelligent members with fair interest can be beneficial to organisation ,as a better team spirit ,better informal discussions and sharing of difficulties and gaining from each other experience helps grow the organisation ,
the more knitted groups has a mentality ,in which wisdom of core member prevails and the newer entrant is laughed upon on occasions and the core things are sometime not shared with new members or a member  who is considered weak and not considered upto the standard of group .
in the groups the self preservation in ones style and ego gain supremacy ,such stable groups turns into some sort of cult ,which cause jealousy to smaller group and other employees.
better groups where like minded people are there helps in eroding anxieties and tension of members
the members in group understands the jokes and sarcasm in right spirit and sometime direct it to other persons outside groups to make it understand that he is tolerated out of some necessity or factors out of control. .


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