The saturation hardly comes

It may be nearing dawn yet it may appear to one that morning has hardly sets in.

After long journey ,when one sits down to analyze ,it may appear appear to one that only distances has been covered ,that also due to compulsion of time,speed as if one has not moved hardly in any direction ,but the earth is rotating and the hair of the head turning grey ,some wrinkles added on the face ,but the sentiments,feeling are same as they were long back and the concerns are as alive as they were long back,
then it looks amazing that despite all indecisiveness ,concern etc always on head ,yet the time has passed,at such stages it looks to one that despite so long journey completed yet nothing much solved on  ,a re-appraisal to fast track some concerns already taken care by the time remains no more alive,need to be buried and try to consolidate the theme/the story of the life to lessen the feeling of deprivation and to make alive for the remaining journey.
how and why the feelings could be assigned to different time frame or the feeling of aloofness remains throughout with one during the whole span of life .
the puzzle is same ,what it was then and now ,untill a break is taken to analyse and some hard lessons learned by experience/setback ,usually all setbacks washes away soon but usually the severe setbacks last longer.
the break is important,the training,the reading,the learning etc  they may sooner or later force one to ponder the mystery and slow down the hard responses ,which were earlier there.
the gambler never loses untill he loses the entire possession and spirit to fight back ,the time is different to different persons ,but the ones perception also impacts it to view it,the hard struggle is always there for some ,while others may have got goals at each stroke.
some of the people have more negative traits which make them appear them much more saturated at younger age than the persons who have positive approach as their basic traits regardless of time ,circumstances and age,
further the time is said to heal much of the scars which might have caused some  aberrations earlier.
at the same time it can also create new scars,the childhood niceness,the youth full  joy etc may disappear due to hard lessons of in life ,and the saturation may appear to set in ,it appears that it depends much upon the individual lessons/experiences in life that may lead to the vitiated perception and setting of the saturation points in life .

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