The obsessive obsession

It happens when one lose complete command of self and surrender fully to the object of ones obsession .

As if one submerges ones identity in his obsession and the obsession become the reality and the life.
the flower  reaches its fuller bloom but thereafter some other reality also sets in .
one need a spectacle   which may not let losing obsession and it may go on more intensifying.
some things has to be ignored to increase the life of ones obsession ,one should not let the compulsion of self interest allowing in diluting the obsession and the compulsion object also need to be kept in mind
the natural cycle  is such that it ultimately physically parts the ways of all but the spiritual unity of the obsessive objects may lie in the permanence of universe on the foundation of their purity and sanctity.
its not that one develops obsession to all objects but its the some hidden history that resurface when such two objects meets and the obsession flourish.
at the first glance in the object which is destined to become obsession ,a whiteness and some strangeness is felt and observed by the both objects and make them wonder about their meeting and the source and cause of such strange feeling .
one object may take the lead and utter such words/action which one can say/do to one to whom one knows for centuries and the thirst which one was not understanding for long,the cause and its fulfilment has as if now emerged suddenly and conclusively.
a feeling of satisfaction,security,pleasure starts to prevail on hearing the footsteps of obsessive object and the first step on the new year may co-incide   the meeting of obsessive objects to as if to put the final seal of their obsession.
the fresh smell of obsessive objects starts to accompany one at all the time and its companionship leads to complete rest in the bed ,the dream become vivid and the surrounding pleasant.
as if one has searched something which since start of humanity many has tried in the caves of himalayas THE VERY PURPOSE OF LIFE 
nothing much is left to be thought ,pondered,searched,worried ,simply the physical or imaginary presence of obsessive object suffice.
as if one has reached to the peak of the hierarchy OF NEEDS and the ACTUALIZATION of SELF is clearly visible to one through his senses,
the as if senses has left their wayward oscillation and submerged in the obsessive obsession and as if they they had start to live in heaven ,in perfect peace,the perfect calm.
the hurdles are no more hurdles ,the troubles are no more troubles ,nothing can disturb one from obsessive obsession which prevails upon on all the horizon  on oneself   

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