What beyond the fear/rejection.

Indeed to be accepted and valued by others is usually a driving force that impacts much of human actions,a child in his childhood is made conscious of the need to be liked by others and many times the childrens carries forth this need for approval in adulthood,becomes more pronounced among those lacking self esteem sometimes,

Some give much reliance to be liked by others and some values the respect for ones own self more satisfying to achieve the higher self esteem one need to turn focus from others to ones own self. 
one need not be much concerned always that what others could think of ones action,decision and behaviour etc.and to spread too thin in an attempt to please all can only lead to misery.
the fear while standing under a sky studded with millions of star and one meet mans companion .. loneliness,-as if a feeling of complete isolation and separation from the rest of life around one.,as if the whole of human civilisation is carved out of the desire of the nature to escape from loneliness and create colors of beauty,feelings etc.
the entire human culture has its roots in lonliness,which has been tried by devising ways and means at society level as well as individual level by promoting art and individual creativity and understanding.the fear can dissipate by feeling that one is part of stream of life that changes continously and relentlessly 
its not possible while living in society to never feel unhurt,and being emotionally hurt is simply a reaction one choose to a given experience ,we need to broaden our choices by being more open and receptive to impulses flying around by results,likings,expectation ar the decision to stop advances which is tough decision taken to retain self and avoiding greater harm later on.
its by testing and failing are means to learn about ourselves and our true capabilities ,acceptance of rejection is an indicator of courage,the exploration of personnel boundaries.,we do not exists depending on other peoples perceptions and seeking approval and praise from others may not be totally unwarranted but could be attempted if the cost of it is low enough.
reliance on the others opinion to feel good and define self is full of hazards,as the opinion differs every moment and our receptive capacity also is not always steady.one need to appreciate that the rejection is the result of courage and action ,its also an answer and depend on one how one views it.
some are too sensitive persons ,face difficulty in making friends ,talking to strangers,sharing ones feeling such conceptions usually has the foundation on ones social awkwardness and deep rooted insecurities ,therefore one need to be aware of how irrational social fears control and restrict ones life.one need to have comfort zones elastic which can adapt the challenges to our comfort zones and allow one to test and venture into unknown.
the outcomes have hints/suggestions and ideas to spark the imaginations and have artfully vague inferences in different context and situations.
fear could not/need not be viewed as rational or irrational,,its like choosing of certain toys by children and rejecting others ,the more understanding one has of his personality ,the more choosy and lesser repentance arises at situations.there is no denying in being more sensitive to the circumstances and need of the hour.

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