What when artificial supported I Q explodes

The world has seen tremendous change in the way the information and its analytical tools are available to humans today,further it is said that by quantum physics and more innovation the speed of analysis and availability of information may rise many fold.,thereby raising the I Q level of humans substantially.

It appears that in such scenario the man may even leave the decision making also to the machine and endorse much of the character of machine and much may become mechanical and much of the definition of relations,pleasures may change,as if one may live in the universe by sitting in his room and a servant is available with all type of solutions.
it may provide the capacity to look at the very base ,which lies deeper but the spirit known as animal spirit,which has been attributed to much of the growth may be replced by another instinct which may also be fraught with another type of dangers.
the reliance on such artificial I Q may sometime may lead to chaos and major trouble and may sometime make unfit to resist/fight out the elements with primitive aspiration feeded in them to the fullest.
the interpretation of data by finest machine may even require some sobering,and if such element is lost and complete dependence lies on artificial I Q the hazards may be many,to create and to sustain both are full of risk and involves tough task.
this hightened I Q may align with some extra terresterial material but foots may leave the very ground,the newer ground would be sustainable or not ,the time will only able to tell.
as if a room has become a society,a group and a nation ,ND THE UNITED NATION HAVING ITS HEADQUARTERS AT some distant star.
lets hope that changing weather,equation,relation and pursuit of void may go with more contentment and more alignment with distant creator.

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