Violence inspired by greed and fear of status loss/passion

The new kind of violence becomes salient in 20th century after humanity acquired the technological skill to strike at a distance and the psychological skill to distance the victim from us ,as may be subject of laboratory experiment,target of terror strikes,political and social engineering and the other justification endowed in some guises.

The violence as understood by urban educated,lavisly living elites lies in rural developing world,and in urban pockets like slums which shares the culture of those villages with modern malice ,such violence includes caste conflict,blood feuds,vendetta, honor killing and abuse of backwards and is talked feeling superior talking abouts its prevalence in backward primitive areas.
the pre modern or modern violence can be traced to the pathologies of human irrationality and faulty passion and the newer kind also has roots in human knowledge and new rationality.,it sporadically breaks out in societies where communities and family ties had weakened,the perpetrators of such violence has little control over their rages as they feel nothing much to loose and their mental shape is fortified by the scientific medicine and modern isolation with like minded views on the internet etc make them immune to fear of punishment ,organised criminal gangs take advantage take advantage of such persons by offering social solidarities
such violence is erupting from sickness of soul,these man are the by product of the modern life styles and passions where individual gratification/satisfication becomes supreme,it looks sometime that one is living in brutalised societies and many children may turn into new form of violence prone,,it just need slight provocation and could be controlled from safe distance .
often one carries the unresolved with one for a long time ,trying again and again to make this pain go away or lesson by seeking to hurt the one or ones who had hurt-as individual,group and nation by taking grim satisfaction in the way the heart explosion can injure their enemies.
the solution are easily said then implemented,

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