Mindset,inclination and disposition

We understood that there are going to be all kinds of people with different mindset,inclination and disposition, and it would be an Utopian idea to believe that these can be mold in a standard form.

But the task lies in understanding the variances in disposition inclination of individual so as to contain its harmful effect on larger society,organisation. the forming of mindset is to be moderated and attuned in right direction  through education,hence the system of education and teachers have a larger role in this regard.
what a worse irony could be when the curriculam and the mindset of teachers lies on the same domain,further the individual care and appraisal of student can help in this direction.
The retardness may appear to deeply penetrated in the mass/consensus soul of humanity ,it need hardly much evidence to substantiate it,the history of humanity could be seen that after millions of years of existence,no universally accepted norms,mindset ,inclinations are recognised.
the difference is good for the growth of human and has contributed to much innovation but a basic ground of understanding and a accepted range of variance need to be accepted to be evolved and accepted ,so that mass violence,killing suspicion and waste of energy and resources could be avoided.
the dispositions are re inforced by the prevelent biases for long and the human mind need to form some internal games which one can play to keep/check his balance,but whether they are attuned to the norms of society or humanity is hardly ones much concern,as if the imaginary or real troubles faced by one is the sloe motivation to react and form the notions.
the role of science in evolving the mindset,inclination and disposition need to be recognised,we need to understand that what all views/deeds that are old are not always correct,one need to keep in mind the limitation of that period which might has let to form such view then ,the human was not able to travel hardly a few kilometer at that that time in a day and small disease turn into mass killers .

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