One who lives on brink

The one who has lesser margin/room available in his daily chores/survival and is always at its fences to defend the ailing virus/events/balances so as to ensure own survival as if living on brink ,where one is always at risk  of the wayward waves ,sometime quiet and often raw/hoarse.

The one who’s early foundation was weak ,the roof available above head was leaky or the room was having thick walls with hardly any ventilation ,grows up with a sense of uncertainty /urgency in a pathetic physical or mental state ,the brink seems to have to become his permanent settlement.
Some has chosen the brink by their own acts of default,despite enough room available the fear of UNKNOWN has penetrated so deep that one is always on building defenses
some may chose to be on brink[rare]to enjoy the beauty of it ,as one understand the value and enjoyment of penny/relations when one is deprived of it or seldom accessible.,one with all sort of comfort cant realise the value of it /enjoy it ,untill gets the sense of brink.
for the nature/the creator ,the all humans are as if supposedly living on brink ,who knows what is at the store the next moment.
the one living on a Plataea/oasis may be living on brink due to brinkmanship of the thoughts.
the life is hard for the people who are surplus,such people forms the majority in a lesser developing countries ,who are not having regular attachments in family lifes nor any permanent job and responsibilities,which could make them responsible,they tend to live on brink and forms a task forcewith herd mentality in search of enjoyment in harsh realities and may act harshly whenever chance may arrive.  
onw who lives at emotional brink needs constant updation and exploration to build a sound/water proof wall which may not allow water to enter deep into the self room and inundate the soul too much,the each single wave tend to destroy the embankment which are shaky in its very nature and needs to feel whatever happens is a design of the nature and one need to enjoy it with out infering too much meaning out of it . 
the sound wall of understanding /cohesion with surrounding need to be built so that the brink stays to its brink.

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