Identity crisis

All want to be identified in a perfect way with self,with colleagues .,with family,society and nature etc.

yet again and again the crisis orf identity emerges in ones mind,some are not able to identify with their families,despite passing of so much time together and it is found that no one belong to each other and it was waste to carry on for such long time or it mere compulsion or lack of alternatives or to explore a field where perfect identity is there.
some time very often one on many occasion fails to idetify with self and founds that at that time none belong to him ,the joy,the way ahead all appeared to have lost and needs a break in which one could forget all past and future and again restore the freshness.
all or most by appears to be in search of a Object to which one can identify with heart and spirit ,and could be the oasis in the most turbulant time of loneliness,desperation.
the object could be in any form presently living,pastly lived,imaginary existence but which does not deceive one,the lucky one,the one who search it with entirety are certainly able to find object of solace in particular time/phase of life.
the man has created boundaries ,where identity is defined by majorityand other man living there wants to be identified with that place where lived for long,where they contributed a lot.
sometime people identify with different cults/form new cults and become so much identified with it that they fail to identify rest,which again can cause agony to one who fails to identify with a cult/culture.
one need to be perfected in the art of understanding GROUP DYNAMICS ,because it is the foundation of building a lasting identity ,but some lacks it and are not fully able to immerse in a group and feel like a foreign element.
in some part of world all four weathers blooms there,it becomes difficult for sensible one to identify with weather and feels uneven on changes occuring so frequently ,here it may be better for one living in ivory tower where no impact of changes occuring penetrates.
one makes efforts to identified with some quarters aspects/cause but seldom become amused to find out that to whom one is viewing as ANCHOR  is himself is in search of identity.
as if one bears/wears the numerous SPLIT IDENTITIES ,the identity is also to some extent by their very sense appears to be somewhat linked to permanence  ,but when there is all around impermanence than search of identity is a tedious task.

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