Blowing small concerns out of proportion

The concerns whatever it may be ,they are usually insignificant,its our conscious self which blows the issues out of proportion.

The concern or no concern ,it usually becomes ones tendency to remain obsessed with some concern for the sake of concerns ,an aura of uncertainty challenges,opportunities,plots etc are hyped to remain perplexed to create anxiety/fear,all such things denotes that one lacks the clear vision /direction to uplift ones own life.
Sometime and mainly it is only perception/presumption of concerns ,whereas in reality it is only tentative ,the short term/long term planning is to foresee the future concerns and plan in such way that in future also no major concerns emerges.
whatever is happening in human life today,call it due to technological/educational advancements ,but there is no past history about its impact and concerns ,further the nature itself is unpredictable therefore blowing concerns out of proportion may not be desirable.
some of the concerns are in the domain/concern of the ruling politician/decision makers at highest level,the human forms society,a country,a authority so that much of their individual concerns are taken care off collectively by them.
the individual need to be provided  security regarding law and order,education,employment,age old  concern etc by their society,/country at cost ,so that human can get relief from much of primary concerns ,but if the country/society of particular place fails in this regard than the concerns of individual rises and various saints/quacks arises offering relief and solutions sometime to settle the concerns something spectacular is created for example -atomic bomb was created by few countries to alleviate their concern of being invaded and to become indespensible but what happened later on ,many countries invented such bombs and more and more sophisticated weapons/technologies that concerns of each one kept on rising ,as such it appears that concerns could not be killed by unilaterally activism but something collective activism may be better way of curbing concerns.
much is not in the hand of individual and there is fine line between genuine efforts and blowing concerns out of proportion ,its about creating healthy habit of accepting the reality ,.
further it need to be understood that happiness lies in all form of life ,it is more about mental internal tendencies and the real or imaginary concerns of their alone cant disturb much of it.
it is not worthwhile to worry too much about particular event/imminent event as new avenue may open out and happiness/enjoyment lies in each form/state of life,one could be better off after losing power or can be worse off after losing power ,its upon one how one takes the earthy things.
further it need to be understood that ones real or imaginary enimies alone cant alter the fate/future of one ,being too much cautious and analysing each and every event ,action,word,deed of other is not healthy,and a greater thrust is required to alleviate the imaginary concerns  for example-that somebody has not spoken properly and pursuing design,its usually our extra pre occupation with the imaginary issues that creates the ghost ,the time heals all and come with all sort of remedies,.
the concerns of concern is that why should we be so concerned for such trivial issues,the concerns lies in the tendency ,the approach,the thought process ,the state of ones mind ,affairs,one should not be in such state where one felt trepidation all around ,the internal reflects on all.

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